Impeto Medical is a privately owned medical device company created in June 2005. Its corporate headquarters are located in Paris, France. The company is also present in San Diego, CA, USA and in Beijing, China.
Our goal is to provide the medical community with screening tests to face epidemically spreading metabolic disorders and their complications. By providing less invasive, faster and less costly procedures, we enable physicians to screen larger patient populations and to detect diseases and complications earlier. 

Impeto Medical in the world

HEADQUARTERS/ HEAD OFFICES Located in Paris, France. www.impeto-medical.com contact U.S. SUBSIDIARY Located in San Diego, CA, USA www.sudoscan.com contact CHINA SUBSIDIARY Located in Beijing, China cn.impeto-medical.com contact For the rest of the world, please contact us via the contact form Products registration Impeto Medical complies with State and Federal regulations regarding the manufacture and sale

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Offices Impeto Medical SAS9 rue Georges PitardPitard Building75015 ParisFrance Headquarters Impeto Medical SAS17, rue campagne Première75014 ParisFrance Telephone: +33 (0) 1 4320 1640 SEND US A MESSAGE Select a contact:(Required)Europe, Asia, Middle East, Latin AmericaU.S.A.Company or organization(Required) Name(Required) First Last Email(Required) City(Required) State(Required) Country(Required) Choose a request(Required)Product informationQuotation / PriceMedical informationHuman resourcesOtherMessage(Required) Subscribe to Impeto Medical

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Our scientific partners

About Our scientific partners Our clinical trials are conducted all around the world (see “Clinical publications“). The pictures below show some of our collaborators. Investigator meeting at “American DiAbetes association” From left to right: Dr. Jean-Henri Calvet, Bayda Bahur, Prof. Barry Freedman, Prof. Peter Schwarz, Dr. Dinesh Selvarajah, Philippe Brunswick, Prof. Salomon Tesfaye, Prof. Aaron Vinik,

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