SUDOSCAN publications

SUDOSCAN main publications by APPLICATION Last update: May 2021 Over 150 peer-reviewed articles have been published about or mentioning SUDOSCAN! Find the main articles below: Click on the application to view main publications Small fiber neuropathySUDOSCAN reliability Diabetes complications Amyloidosis Sjörgen’s SyndromeFabry disease Parkinson’s disease Chemo induced peripheral neuropathy Treatment Follow-upLifestyle impact Small fiber neuropathy

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In vitro studies

Technology Studies Electrochemical behaviour of electrodes in solutions simulating the chemical media of skin. Calmet A, Amar A, Griveau S, Lair V, Sutter E, Recio F, Brunswick P, Bedioui F, Cassir M. Corrosion behavior of biocompatible stainless steels in physiological medium for non-invasive diagnosis of small fiber neuropathies applications. Electroanalysis, 2016;28(2):380-384. Abstract here Calmet A,

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Join clinical research

JOIN CLINICAL RESEARCH Join clinical research Clinical studies involving SUDOSCAN/EZSCAN technology are currently conducted in several countries around the world. Are you interested in conducting clinical research? Our Clinical Research Team will be delighted to carefully review your proposal. Please make sure that your submission contains the following information: Clinical Research Proposal Research hypothesis Litterature

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EZSCAN publications

EZSCAN Publications If you wish to receive more information about one of our publications below, please click here to send us an email. Don’t forget to specify the full title of the publication you are interested in. EZSCAN Zhu L, Zhao X, Zeng P, Zhu J, Yang S, Liu A, Song Y. Study on autonomic dysfunction

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