In vitro studies

Technology Studies

Electrochemical behaviour of electrodes in solutions simulating the chemical media of skin.

Calmet A, Amar A, Griveau S, Lair V, Sutter E, Recio F, Brunswick P, Bedioui F, Cassir M. Corrosion behavior of biocompatible stainless steels in physiological medium for non-invasive diagnosis of small fiber neuropathies applications. Electroanalysis, 2016;28(2):380-384. Abstract here

Calmet A, Khalfallah K, Ayoub H, Lair V, Griveau S, Brunswick P, Bedioui F, Cassir M. Small fiber neuropathy diagnosis by a non-invasive electrochemical method: mimicking the in-vivo responses by optimization of electrolytic cell parameters. Electrochemica Acta 2014;140(10):37-41. Abstract here

 Ayoub H, Lair V, Griveau S, Brunswick P, Bedioui F, Cassir M. Electrochemical Characterization of Stainless Steel as a New Electrode Material in a Medical Device for the Diagnosis of Sudomotor Dysfunction. Electroanalysis 2012;24(6):1324-33. Abstract here

Ayoub H, Lair V, Griveau S, Galtayries A,  Brunswick P, Bedioui F, Cassir M. Ageing of nickel used as sensitive material for early detection of sudomotor dysfunction. Applied surface science 2012;258:2724-31. Abstract here

Ayoub H, Lair V, Griveau S, Brunswick P, Zagal J, F. Bedioui F, Cassir M. Electrochemical kinetics of anodic Ni dissolution in aqueous media as a function of chloride ion concentration at pH values close to physiological conditions. Electroanalysis 2012;24:386-91. Abstract here

Ayoub H, Lair V, Griveau S, Brunswick P, Bedioui F, Cassir M. SUDOSCAN device for the early detection of diabetes: in vitro measurements versus results of clinical tests. Sensor Letters journal 2011;9:2147-49. Abstract here

Khalfallah K, Ayoub H, Calvet JH, Neveu X, Brunswick P, Griveau S, Lair V, Cassir M, Bedioui F. Non invasive galvanic skin sensor for early diagnosis of sudomotor dysfunction: Application to Diabetes. IEEE sensors Journal 2010 :12(3) :456-63. Abstract here

Ayoub H, Griveau S, Lair V, Brunswick P, Cassir M, Bedioui F. Electrochemical characterization of nickel electrodes in phosphate and carbonate electrolytes in view of assessing a medical diagnostic device for the detection of early diabetes. Electroanalysis 2010;22:2483-90. Abstract here

Brunswick B, Mayaudon H, Albin V,  Lair V,  Ringuede A,  Cassir M. Use of Ni electrodes chronoamperometry for improved diagnostics of diabetes and cardiac diseases. Conf Proc IEE. Eng Med Biol Soc. 2007;2007:4544-7. Abstract here

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