EZSCAN in practice

EZSCAN is widely used around the world as a screening tool.


Screening and prevention in pharmacies

Prévention diabète - Pharmacie Saurel, Perpignan (France)
Pharmacie Saurel, Perpignan (France)

This pharmacy offers a diabetes prevention programme including the screening of diabetes risk and the follow-up.

Large screening population in Netherlands, more than 10,000 people already tested with EZSCAN

EZSCAN test truck


Ezscan diabetes testing truck2


EZSCAN and occupational medicine

AinoActive is an effective, preventive healthcare solution for corporations. Aino Active enables companies to reduce personnel health risks, decrease the amount of absenteeism, lower health insurance premiums, prevent premature retirement and increase productivity. AinoActive adopted EZSCAN in its programmes.

Large screening population in China

Diabetes testing in China

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