The Ezscan principle

Small fiber neuropathy and diabetes

Several studies have proven that small fiber neuropathies are common in people with insulin resistance and prediabetes (IGT) [1] [2]. Sudomotor function is known to reflect sympathetic activity and to provide insight into postganglionic autonomic innervation. Its assessment represents a useful tool to evaluate autonomic disorders [3]. Investigation of sudomotor function can help in early detection of cardiometabolic risk.



innervation normale des glandes sudoripares sur la partie distale de la jambe chez un patient en bonne santé (gauche). Innervation réduite d'une glande sudoripare chez une personne présentant un dysfonctionnement de la sueur (droite). [4]

Normal innervation of sweat glands in a healthy subject (left). Loss of innervation in a patient with diabetes (right).


A dynamic non-invasive test

test sudoral function 1

EZSCAN tests sweat gland function by applying a small direct current to both hand and foot sensor plates. 

At a low voltage, the stratum corneum acts as a capacitor, leaving the sweat ducts as the only channel for the transmission of Cl- ions.  EZSCAN provides a quantitative measure of chloride conductance (measured in microsiemens) and its results serve as a biomarker to assess sweat gland function in relation to sweat gland innervation.

The polarity of the stainless steel sensor plates is swapped during a scan to record individual right and left side conductance values.

EZSCAN screen result

A risk score according to measured conductances and patient data (hight, weight, age) is calculated:

  • Green : no risk
  • Yellow: moderate risk
  • Orange: high risk
  • Red: very high risk
EZSCAN screen result

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