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Impeto Medical

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About our technology

Impeto Medical is a privately-owned French medical device company. Created in June 2005, its corporate headquarters are located in Paris, France; the company is also present in San Diego, CA, USA and in Beijing, China.

Impeto Medical has developed a patented technology that assesses sudomotor function quickly and non-invasively. The results are a conductance, which expresses the health of the small nerve fibers innervating the sweat glands. The ease-of-use, quantitative, reproducible and sensitive results encourage its use to detect and follow the evolution of small fiber neuropathy.

These neuropathies can be present in patients suffering of pre-diabetes or diabetes. This method reveals this, usually unchecked, complication of diabetes in its early stages. Introducing specific medical care for neuropathies at an early stage, when they are still reversible, could avoid the onset of more serious, and costly, complications.

Autonomic Peripheral Neuropathies can also appear in patients with pain, Amyloidosis, et receiving a chemotherapy treatment… (Read all of our publications here)

Updated: January 2018

The medical devices Sudoscan & EZscan are regulated health products under the CE certification, Class IIa, according to the European Medical Device regulation – SGS United Kingdom Ltd, Notified Body 0120. Please read the user manual instructions carefully. Please, contact our office for more information.

The process

  1. The patient is asked to put his hands and feet on large electrodes
  2. A small electric tension is applied to the surface to stimulate the sweat glands
  3. The results of the response to this stimulation are expressed as :
    1. Electrochemical Skin Conductance for SUDOSCAN, indicating the presence and severity of the small fiber peripheral autonomic neuropathies;
    2. Percentage of risk for EZSCAN indicating a risk to develop diabetes.

About our company

> Our Mission

Impeto Medical is a privately owned medical device company formed in June 2005. Its corporate headquarters are located in Paris, France. The company is also present in San Diego, CA, USA and in Beijing, China.

Our goal is to provide the medical community with screening tests to face epidemically spreading metabolic disorders and their complications. By providing less invasive, faster and less costly procedures, we enable physicians to screen larger patient populations and to detect diseases and complications earlier. We build value for our investors through constant innovation based on clinical research as well as focus on priority medical issues.

> Patents

The SUDOCAN® device is covered by following patents : “Electrophysiological analysis system and method” (Patent 1 898 783 and 2 124 736), “Electrophysiological analysis system” (Patent number 9636036) and “Procédé d’analyse physiologique par stabilisation d’une surtension” (PCT2014/069479).

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