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Neuropathy Early Detection

SUDOSCAN : An innovative device for early detection and follow-up of Autonomic and Small Fiber Neuropathy.

About Sudoscan

SUDOSCAN offers a stimulation of the sweat glands that assess small nerve fibers



SUDOSCAN provides a better management of diabetes complications such as neuropathies to prevent diabetic foot.



SUDOSCAN has demonstrated its efficacy in painful neuropathies, transthyretin amyloidosis, Sjogren’s Syndrome, Hepatitis C, Fabry disease….



In oncology, SUDOSCAN has demonstrated its utility to quantify chemotherapy induced polyneuropathy (CIPN).



SUDOSCAN allows the physician to follow patient outcomes over time and assess the progression of neuropathy and the impact of medications.

Discover Sudoscan


An innovative device

SUDOSCAN is a test that provides an accurate evaluation of sweat function. The test focuses on small nerve fibers within the peripheral nervous system innervating the sweat glands.

The device consists of a computer and 4 electrodes on which patients place their hands and bare feet. In less than 3 minutes, SUDOSCAN offers a stimulation of the sweat glands that assess small nerve fibers (C fibers).

Simple results obtained in 3 minutes

The results are displayed automatically.
If the score is high, this indicates no sign of sudomotor dysfunction and no autonomic neuropathy. If the score is low, this indicates a sudomotor dysfunction and a neuropathy.

Sudoscan Technology


SUDOSCAN tests sweat gland function by applying a small direct current to both hand and foot sensor plates. At a low voltage, the stratum corneum acts as a capacitor, leaving the sweat ducts as the only channel for the transmission of Cl- ions.
SUDOSCAN provides a quantitative measure of chloride conductance (measured in microsiemens) and its results serve as a biomarker to assess sweat gland function in relation to sweat gland innervation.

The process

  • The patient is asked to put his hands and feet on large electrodes
  • A small electric tension is applied to the surface to stimulate the sweat glands
  • The results of the response to this stimulation are expressed as :
    1. Electrochemical Skin Conductance for SUDOSCAN, indicating the presence and severity of the small fiber peripheral autonomic neuropathies;
    2. Percentage of risk for EZSCAN indicating a risk to develop diabetes.

Why should you use Sudoscan ?​



Early detection and follow-up of neuropathic patients to prevent diabetic foot and to improve the diabetes management


Unique technology quick, simple, quantitative to assess Small fiber complementary to Electromyogram (large fibers). May lead to an etiology and its appropriate treatment


Allows a quantitative assessment of the neuropathy chemotherapy-induced for an informed decision

Clinical Evidence for Sudoscan


SUDOSCAN is becoming a reference test in many countries :

  • Included the European Network for TTR-FAP Amyloidosis,
  • the German guidelines for Diabetes management,
  • the Latin America Diabetes association
  • and more..

Commercialized worldwide with more than 3000 devices sold.
CE certified Cleared for use by the US FDA, Registered and distributed in 34 countries.
=> Discover Sudoscan Publications

Sudoscan benefits



No patient preparation
Results in 3 minutes
Easy-to-read critical data points to help physicians reach a diagnosis


No fasting
Easy to operate
CE and FDA approvals


Reproducible quantitative results
Independent from environmental conditions
Backed by evidence-based research
150 peer-reviewed journals publications

About Impeto Medical

Our Mission

  • Impeto Medical is a medical device company created in June 2005 part of WITHINGS company. Its corporate headquarters are located close to Paris, France. The company is also present in San Diego, CA, USA and in Beijing, China.
  • Our goal is to provide the medical community with screening tests to face epidemically spreading metabolic disorders and their complications. 
  • By providing less invasive, faster and less costly procedures, we enable physicians to screen larger patient populations and to detect diseases complications earlier
  • We build value for our investors through constant innovation based on clinical research as well as focus on priority medical issues.


The SUDOCAN® device is covered by the following patents:

  • “Electrophysiological analysis system and method” (US Patent No. US 8965497B2, European Patent No. EP 1898783B1),
  • “Electrophysiological analysis system” (US Patent No. US 8655443B2, European Patent No. EP 2124736B1),
  • “Assessment of sudomotor function for peripheral diabetic neuropathy evaluation” (US Patent No. US 8934954B2)
  • “Improved electrophysiological analysis system” (US Patent No. US 9636036B2, European Patent No. EP 2890294B1).


ISO 13485:2016

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