About Our scientific partners

Our clinical trials are conducted all around the world (see “Clinical publications“).
The pictures below show some of our collaborators.

Investigator meeting at "American Diabetes association"

From left to right: Dr. Jean-Henri Calvet, Bayda Bahur, Prof. Barry Freedman, Prof. Peter Schwarz, Dr. Dinesh Selvarajah, Philippe Brunswick, Prof. Salomon Tesfaye, Prof. Aaron Vinik, Prof. Juliana Chan, Dr. Jean-Paul Deslypere

Investigator meeting at "International Diabetes Federation"

From left to right : Dr. Tom Yates, Dr. Dinesh Selvarajah, Prof. Ambady Ramachandran, Prof. Peter Schwarz, Prof. Remming Hu, Dr. Jean-Paul Deslypere, Philippe Brunswick, Prof. Juliana Chan, Prof. Melanie Davies, Prof. Kamlesh Khunti.

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