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Successful web conference 2020 on SUDOSCAN utility in diabetes

SUCCESSFUL WEB CONFERENCE ON SUDOSCAN UTILITY IN DIABETES On July the 10th Impeto Medical has organized a web conference for diabetologists: Management of diabetic foot risk – a UK experience in quick screening and multifactorial interventions. During this web conference we had the pleasure to get an enriching feedback from Dr Dinesh SELVARAJAH (Senior Lecturer

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The utility of SUDOSCAN to diagnose diabetic cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and diabetic polyneuropathy

THE UTILITY OF SUDOSCAN TO DIAGNOSE DIABETIC CARDIOVASCULAR AUTONOMIC NEUROPATHY AND DIABETIC POLYNEUROPATHY C. D’amato, C. Greco, G. Lombardo, V. Frattina, M. Campo, C.M.A. Cefalo, V. Izzo, D. Lauro, V. Spallone. Article title: “The diagnostic usefulness of the combined COMPASS 31 questionnaire and electrochemical skin conductance for diabetic cardiovascular autonomic neuropathy and diabetic polyneuropathy” J

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The benefits of SUDOSCAN in early diagnosis of diabetic peripheral neuropathy reviewed in The Lancet

THE BENEFITS OF SUDOSCAN IN EARLY DIAGNOSIS OF DIABETIC PERIPHERAL NEUROPATHY REVIEWED IN THE LANCET Selvarajah D, Kar D, Khunti K, Davies MJ, Scott AR, Walker J, Tesfaye S.Article title: “Diabetic peripheral neuropathy: advances in diagnosis and strategies for screening and early intervention”. The Lancet Diabetes Endocrinol 2019. Volume 7, Issue 12, p938-948, December 01, 2019.

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Follow-up with SUDOSCAN

Longitudinal follow-up with SUDOSCAN

LONGITUDINAL FOLLOW-UP: SUDOSCAN DEMONSTRATED EFFICACY IN RESULTS FOLLOW-UP SUDOSCAN has proven its clinical utility in the follow-up of sudomotor function. In a Finnish study, SUDOSCAN was used to evaluate the effect of physical activity on cardiovascular risk and metabolic diseases.  In patients with the highest level of weekly physical activity (as measured with a pedometer),

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Visuel article Sudoscan Oncology

SUDOSCAN in Oncology : Chemotherapy Induced Polyneuropathy

SUDOSCAN in Oncology : Chemotherapy InduCed Polyneuropathy Two studies evaluating SUDOSCAN   Severe drug-induced neurotoxic adverse effects constitute the second most common cause of dose limitation after haematological adverse effects.  Chemotherapy Induced Polyneuropathy (CIPN) is commonly associated with platinum analogues, antitubulins (taxane), the proteasome inhibitor bortezomib, and thalidomide. However, it is poorly investigated at an

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