SUDOSCAN and diabetes

Early detection of diabetic neuropathy SUDOSCAN efficacy in early detection of diabetic neuropathy has been demonstrated in several studies, wich helps for a better management of diabetes complications sush as diabetic foot and cardiac autonomic neuropathy and follow up disease progression. Find the main publication list in diabetes click here. Why control diabetic complications Type

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About SUDOSCAN What is SUDOSCAN ? What is SUDOSCAN ?SUDOSCAN is a unique and innovative device. It’s a simple and non-invasive technology, able to detect and follow small fibers neuropathy that are usually not detected by the traditional tools. How to use SUDOSCAN ?The device consists of a computer and 4 electrodes on which patients

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SUDOSCAN applications

SUDOSCAN applications Sudomotor dysfunction is a common finding, and one of the earliest detectable abnormalities in several peripheral and autonomic neuropathies. Small fiber neuropathies have been tested with SUDOSCAN in different diseases and compared to reference diagnosis tests: • Neurology• Diabetes• Oncology• Follow-up Click on the application to view description NEUROLOGY – AMYLOIDOSIS – SJÖRGEN’S SYNDROME –

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A clinically proven test

SUDOSCAN results compared to Skin Biopsy and QSART   SUDOSCAN effectiveness have been compared to main small fiber neuropathy assessment technics in several scientific publications. G. Smith et al [1] have demonstrated SUDOSCAN’s diagnostic performance was comparable to Intraepidermal Nerve Fiber Density (IENFD) and QSART in detecting Neuropathy.  IENFD distal leg and foot QSART sweat

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EZSCAN is a medical device for the early detection of peripheral autonomic neuropathies to identify people at increased risk of diabetes (pre-diabetes included). More information about SUDOSCAN ? CONTACT US Feel free to contact us with your question

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