The SUDOSCAN principle


The SUDOSCAN principle

The degeneration of small nerve fibers reduces sweat gland innervation and impairs sudomotor function.

SUDOSCAN+ tests sweat gland function by applying a small direct current to both hand and foot sensor plates. At a low voltage, the stratum corneum acts as a capacitor, leaving the sweat ducts as the only channel for the transmission of Cl- ions.

SUDOSCAN+ provides a quantitative measure of chloride conductance (measured in microsiemens) and its results serve as a biomarker to assess sweat gland function in relation to sweat gland innervation.

SUDOSCAN Result Screen

The SUDOSCAN principle

The polarity of the stainless steel sensor plates is swapped during a scan to record individual right and left side conductance values. The amount of observed asymmetry is an indicator of the type of peripheral neuropathy.

Impeto technology principle

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